How To Create A Beautiful Smile

A smile is so important. It communicates many things. A smile will let people know you are happy and friendly. It confirms you want to be where you are. And it says hello. Too many people are unhappy with their smile. There are plenty of things that go into a really great smile, so we’ve put together some ideas on how to create your own beautiful smile:


Luscious lips are not the most important part of a smile. However, looking after your lips helps you create the beautiful smile you want to achieve. Rolling exercises where you roll the lips together helps keep the blood flow to your lips. You should always apply chapstick to prevent your lips looking sore or dry. If you feel a cold sore coming on, treat it immediately to prevent an unsightly outbreak. Wear a quality lip gloss in a good, natural shade.


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Teeth are naturally quite yellow. This is the dentine color underneath the enamel. As the enamel wears with age, the yellow color shows more. A cosmetic dentist can help you whiten your teeth safely. You might choose veneers to cover your teeth or even a bleaching treatment. White teeth are thought to symbolize youth and good health. Dare to show your beautiful teeth off when you smile.


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Our eyes give us away if the smile is not genuine. You can add some sparkle to dry eyes with refreshing eye drops. Give the impression of an open eye look with eyeliner and mascara. This draws more attention to your eyes when you smile. A lot of us have to smile when we’re not feeling particularly happy (like in customer service!). But genuine smiles look beautiful, and it’s all thanks to your gorgeous eyes.


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Our body language really does speak volumes about what we’re truly feeling. If you are slouching, it can suggest you’re feeling tired and unhappy with your surroundings. Do your best to stand up tall when you smile for the maximum impact. Keep your shoulders down and back in a relaxed position. Make sure your head is sitting squarely on your neck and not drooping. This might even help you increase your energy levels. Now smile and let everyone know you’re the most confident girl in the room.


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Some people don’t like how their skin wrinkles when they smile. It’s true that we all naturally have crows feet and lines next to our mouths when we smile. It is actually part of the charm of a beautiful smile! A big smile is really noticeable and will help others feel happy and relaxed too. If you are worried about your furrows, then keep up a good skin care routine, with plenty of moisturizers. This helps keep your skin smooth, supple and elastic.


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If you love to smile when you’re happy, then you shouldn’t worry about how that smile looks to others. Enjoy the happy moments. Let your smile tell the world you are in a good mood. Who knows? You may even pick up a few happy followers along the way.

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Is Cosmetic Surgery The Best Option For Improving Your Appearance?

As women, it’s only natural that we always want to look our best. We eat salads for lunch, practice yoga before bed, and make sure to only use products that we know are good for us. Sometimes, however, doing these things isn’t enough, and we start to wonder whether cosmetic surgery might be the best option.

Over the past few years, plastic surgery has become incredibly popular. Women and men of all ages are opting to go under the knife, to improve their appearances.

While plastic surgery has become more popular, it’s important to realise that having a procedure should not be a spur of the moment decision. It should be something that you take the time to think about, to ensure that it’s the right option for you.


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To help you do that, I have put together a guide that will allow you to decide whether cosmetic surgery is the best route for you.

Do you have low self-esteem?

Many people have low self-esteem as a result of not liking something about their appearance. People who are happy with how they look tend to be happier and more confident and enjoy life that much more.

If your self-esteem issues are caused by something that you can change, try to change it, before considering surgery. For instance, many women have low self-esteem because of issues with their weight. However, this isn’t an issue that should be dealt with surgically.

If your low self-esteem is caused by something that you can’t change, surgery could be the answer. One of the main reason women go under the knife is to reverse the effects that come with aging, such as saggy eyelids. If you suffer from this problem, it can make your feel incredibly self-conscious. However, there are plenty of eyelid surgery services that can fix this for you.

Do you know what you want?

Many people want to improve their appearance but are unsure of how they want to do it. If you are going to have a cosmetic procedure, you need to be sure about the treatment that you are having.

Take the time to sit down and think about what it is that you want to improve about your appearance, before having surgery. If you rush into a procedure without properly thinking it through, you may end up regretting it.

Are you concerned about your weight? Do you have negative feelings about your facial features? Do you want to get rid of the signs of aging? Whatever you are worried about, you need to ensure that you are certain about what the right procedure for you is.

Can you afford the cost?

When it comes to undergoing cosmetic surgery, it’s important to think about the cost. You might be dying to improve something about yourself, but if you can’t afford it, it’s not worth it.

Get in touch with a cosmetic surgery clinic and ask them for a consultation for the procedure that you want. This will not only give you an idea of the cost of the treatment, but it will also allow you to ask any questions that you might have.

If you want to improve your appearance and are considering having surgery, you need to ensure that it is the right option for you. Take note of my tips above, and take your time coming to a decision.

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How To Reduce The Signs Of Aging On The Face

The aging process is inevitable, but I’m not going down without a fight! Luckily, I still have youth on my side, and that’s the best place to start protecting yourself. The earliest signs of aging start to creep in on your face and skin. And, experts say the first effects begin to take hold in your late twenties. So, it’s never too early start! The better you look after yourself now, the longer you’ll extend your life, and ward off those pesky aging signs.

But first, what are those signs of aging? Well, it all starts with your skin. The face is almost always the first telltale sign. The eyes start to tire, and lines begin to burrow into your brow. The hands begin to show the first signs of age too. You may also notice it in your hair, as it turns dry and thin. These are all symptoms of the same few lifestyle elements. Today, I’ll show you how to reverse them.


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Reduce stress

Stress has a habit of showing up on our bodies. We hold tension in our back and shoulders. This gives our bodies a hunched appearance. We hold our tightness in a very visible position. Not only that, but stress is visible in our eyes. We hold our worries and stresses there, and the dark circles grow darker and bigger. Take active steps to reduce stress and you’ll watch it drain from your body. Take up yoga, and learn to centre yourself for twenty minutes every day. Don’t take on more than you can handle, and learn to take things in your stride.

Get a better night’s sleep

There’s a reason they call it beauty sleep! Your natural eight hours are the best way to rejuvenate your skin and replenish your cells. As you sleep, the body repairs damaged cells and brings them back to life. That’s what gives your skin that natural glow. By cutting your sleep cycle short, you interrupt this process. Your skin will look dry and cold. Try to get an early night and plenty of rest!

Increase natural anti-oxidants

Most people tend to turn to the pharmacy or beauty stores when trying to reverse the aging process. We see the TV adverts for creams, serums, and treatments. But, we tend to forget that all the best options are right under our nose. Natural foods and liquids are the best way to reverse those signs of aging. Eating a better diet and drinking lots of water is a more effective method than any of those expensive creams! Even herbal tea and berries are natural anti-oxidants that clear the skin effectively.


Of course, some treatments do work wonders. I find that microdermabrasion is particularly effective. It scrubs away the dead skin, revealing the younger, beautiful skin underneath! I like to treat myself to one session a month, and it helps fight off those pesky aging signs. One of my friends also recommends acupuncture, but I’ve yet to try it!

The face is the first place to show those telltale signs of aging. I’m still young, but it’s never too early to start!

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Easy Ways To Hide What You Don’t Like About Your Body

Let’s face it, we all have bits we’re not entirely happy about. Some days bring even more problems to the mix. Whatever you don’t like about your looks, there are always some simple yet clever ways to hide it. So don’t panic. Read on and see if any of these ideas help you achieve the look you want today:

Bad Hair Day

We’ve all had them. And some days are worse than others! If your hair is being wayward, then

tie it back. This will stop it shooting out all over the place. You may need to add some hairspray to tame those wilder tresses. Of course, you can always wear a hat or use a hair band to hide any hair line problems. If you’re starting to spot the dreaded greys, then grab yourself a home dye kit from the local chemist. They are quicker than waiting for a salon appointment.

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Blemishes, Wrinkles, Eye Bags

When your skin is letting your down, it’s time to fight back with some age-appropriate skin care. If you’re not under twenty-one anymore, then blemishes should be treated more subtly. Spot cream can burn your skin if you’re not a teenager anymore, so use it with caution. Instead adopt a cleanse, tone and moisturise routine. Check out some makeup ideas from for a new look to cover any problem areas.

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Big Chest, Little Chest

A lot of us are bothered by the size of our chest, no matter what we’ve been graced with. Choose fashion that suits what you’ve got, rather than what you wish you had. Ruffles, seams, and other decorations on tops give the impression there’s plenty there. If you’re big chested, look for square cut collars and plunge Vs to make the most of your womanly shape. Wear a bra that contains what you’ve got, even if you have to buy a bigger size than you would like.

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Tummy Trouble

If your belly is bothersome, then you have several options. You can choose longer length dresses with an empire line. The fabric will drape over your tummy, hiding any contour you’re not happy with. Control underwear can also flatten out tummies. Wearing fashion items with waistbands smaller than your waist can create a ‘muffin top’ look. Choose looser fashion instead. A long length top can be a great way to elongate the appearance of the body.

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Thick Thighs

If your legs are chunkier than you would like, then you could be one of the lucky girls who can build good muscles in this area. The bubble butt may be within your reach. And toned thighs are looking hot this season. If you’re after a more slender leg, then try an A-line skirt to give the illusion that less is at the top.

Fashion and makeup are great ways to hide those bits we don’t like the look of. We can’t do much to change our bodies overnight, but we can make the most of what we’ve got. Love the body you’re in now.

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4 Reasons You Should Buy Custom Jewelry

Lots of people are now opting to leave standard products behind and invest in custom jewelry. That is because there are many advantages to getting something unique. Whether you’re getting married or just want a new accessory, bespoke items are always the best. I’ve been buying custom products for many years now. I’ve never once seen something in a shop that couldn’t have been improved. Considering all that, I thought you might like to understand my motives. On this page, I’ll provide four top reasons custom jewelry is right for you. Best of all? I’ll even explain how you can make it a little cheaper!


Custom Jewelry Is A Good Investment

There is no getting away from the fact that an investment in custom jewelry is wise. You will own something unique. There isn’t going to be another item like it anywhere in the world. If you buy from a top designer, the product is guaranteed to increase in price. That means you could sell it in later life and make a fortune. Of course, you won’t want to do that if you’ve purchased a wedding or engagement ring. However, it is easy to part with necklaces and bracelets that hold little relevance to your life.

Custom Jewelry Will Make You Stand Out

Like it or not, most people buy their fashion and jewelry items from the same fifty stores. That is why you often find yourself wearing something similar to your friends. Personalized and unique items are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. They’re also fantastic conversation starters. So, those of you who want to leave your friends feeling jealous should get in touch with an expert today. Most use CAD software for custom jewelry, which also means you get a chance to check and alter the design before the manufacturing process begins.

Custom Jewelry Can Highlight Your Personality

People who wear bright colors are often considered to be happy and bubbly. Likewise, people who wear luxurious items are deemed to be professional and serious. You can create whatever impression you like with your personalized items. Some designers will allow you to send them a basic concept before adding the final touches. That means you can let your personality shine.

Custom Jewelry Can Be Fun

There is no limit to the ideas you can use for your custom products. Maybe you are obsessed with a particular animal? I’ve seen some fantastic rings and necklaces made with Panda designs over the years. Me? I like horses, and that is why my engagement ring features an image of Black Beauty. I had it made at a local shop two years ago, and it cost $2,500. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Whoever said jewelry couldn’t be fun was lying.

I hope you have a great time this summer, and that you get lots of bespoke jewelry to compliment your outfits. Make sure you bookmark my blog if you haven’t done so already. As you have seen, I publish lots of posts that might be of interest to you.

Happy shopping ladies!

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Strapped For Cash? My Money-Saving Tips For Online Shopping

Do you love online shopping? The problem with buying things online is that it can get expensive fast. If you spend every evening sitting at home shopping, you could rack up lots of debt in no time. Whether you’re buying jewelry or books, it can become costly before you know it. If you don’t want to quit shopping, there are some easy ways you can save yourself some money. Here are some of my top tips that should help you along the way.

Consider collection only deals

One of the most expensive things about online shopping is the delivery fees. If you want to avoid paying for these things, you can do so by looking for collection deals. For example, if you are shopping on eBay, you should look for the ‘collection’ tab. When you click on it, you will find a whole host of people selling items to collect. That means that you can save money by picking up the item yourself.  You will also find that stores offer the same service. If you live near a particular shop, you can reserve an item online and pick it up at your leisure.

Look for second-hand items

New items tend to be quite expensive, but what about second-hand things? If you want to save yourself some cash, you should look for online stores that sell refurbished items. For example, if you’re buying a watch, stores like Precision Time sell second-hand models. That means that you can pick up a quality product at a fraction of the original RRP. Often, these things are as good as new, which means that you get a real deal. Look online and see what stores you can find.

Check out the coupon codes online

Before you buy anything online, you ought to look for coupon codes. If you are buying a microwave, for example, check for discount codes on the net. You never know, there may be a special deal running that you can use. If you make the most of this idea, you could find that you save yourself a small fortune on goods. There are loads of sites that offer free discount codes to people. Check them out and save your cash.

Add something to your basket (but don’t buy it)

When you are browsing a store online, there is a simple trick you should try. Put the item you want in your basket and then just leave the page open. This method will make the store owners think that you have forgotten to buy the item. Of course, no shop wants to miss out on potential business. You may find that you get a promotional email from the store reps offering you a discount or deal. This message is their way of trying to persuade you to buy the product. If you use this tip, you could save money when you buy things online.

I hope that my tips help you when you next decide to have an (online) shopping spree. Let me know if they work for you.



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How to Buy the Perfect Piece of Jewellery as a Gift

So, you want to buy somebody jewellery as a gift. Buying jewellery can be a really nice and thoughtful thing to do. Jewellery is beautiful, and can make people feel very special. If you want to show somebody that they are special to you, one of the best ways you can do this is with jewellery. But how can you be sure that you’re going to buy something they absolutely adore? Read on to learn more…

Decide on Metal Colour

First thing’s first, you need to decide on a metal colour. You have 3 options; gold, rose gold, and silver. The one you choose will depend which you see them wearing the most of. If they always wear gold, buying them something silver could be a big mistake. Some people like to mix it up, but you need to be sure first. Do a little snooping and pay attention so you know what they prefer to wear. Ideally, they’ll wear a metal suited to their skin tone. Different skin tones suit different metals. Silver might make one person’s features pop and another look washed out. Buying something you think will suit them but you know they’ll like is a good idea. You want this gift to be thoughtful!

Work Out the Receiver’s Style

It isn’t all about metal colour; it’s about style too. Everybody has their own unique style, so make sure you take that into account. If the person you’re buying for doesn’t like anything too glam and you go and buy them a big statement ring, they probably won’t wear it. They’ll appreciate the thought, but it’ll go unworn. Is this person unique? Retro? Classic? Glam? Try to work out their style before you go and buy them something.

Check for Authenticity

You don’t want to give a fake piece of jewellery or something low quality as a gift. You want this piece of jewellery to be impressive, so you need to put some real effort into finding something great. One way you can do this is by checking for authenticity. Some items will come with a certificate of authenticity, but you’ll need to look for signs with others. If you don’t know anything about hallmarks, check out some guides online for gold and silver hallmarks explained. That should help you to determine whether something is worth the money or not!

Design Something if You’re Confident

If you’re confident and you have a larger budget, you can always design something. It isn’t too difficult, and an experienced jeweller should be able to guide you through the whole process so you come up with something you really like.


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Ask Family and Friends

If you’re still unsure, there’s no harm in discreetly asking family and friends what this person might like. They might know their tastes a little better than you, or have some good ideas of what they like.

Ready to go out and buy the perfect piece of jewellery as a gift? Use this guide and you’ll do a great job!

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#PatriotPerks at the Commissary with Smiley360

 Smiley 360 recently did a campaign for military families to help get the word out about how great the commissary is! If you do not already know, the Commissary is a store for military families that not only offers great prices, but also great perks for being a part of serving this great country!

To participate in this program I received a little care package to show what kinds of things you can get at the commissary as well as some coupons to make things even better! As you can see below I received some Folgers samples (the Vanilla Biscotti Coffee is amazing!), some Tabasco samples, Smuckers samples (my girls flipped over the strawberry post it notes!) and of course some gift cards to use at the Commissary.


I have friends and family that are in the military and it is always nice to check out what perks they can get, as well as share different perks with them that they may not have known about. They have a campaign running now until July 9th where Military and their dependents can enter to win $100 DeCa shopping spree! So if you or someone in your family is in the military be sure to have them check out the commissary and check out what perks they can get! Also be sure to let them know about the giveaway! They can enter here. You can also check out current Commissary deals and news here.

**Disclaimer** Star Focal received samples of the above product in order to facilitate a review. However, we were in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.

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Awesome Tips For Choosing The Best Plastic Surgeon

No matter how hard we try to love every single part of our bodies, there is always that one part that it’s just too hard to love. Sometimes that’s okay, just like we can’t love every flavor of ice cream, we can’t love every last thing about ourselves.

If there’s a part of your body that you just can’t seem to get past, don’t beat yourself up about it, you’re not alone. While some hang-ups can be dealt with through lifestyle changes, others need cosmetic surgery.

A few years ago, cosmetic surgery was seen as being controversial and something that was only for celebrities. Today, that’s all changed, cosmetic surgery is much more accessible and is something that anyone can opt to have done.

San Diego Faceial Plastic Surgeon Amir Karam

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If you have decided that cosmetic surgery is the right option for you, the first thing you need to do is choose a surgeon.

To help you find the best plastic surgeon for your needs, here are our top tips:

Get recommendations

The best way to start your search for a surgeon is by asking friends, relatives and colleagues for recommendations. You can also book an appointment to see your doctor and can ask them who they would recommend using for your procedure.

Another way to find a good plastic surgeon is by having a look online at the clinics in your area and reading up on each one. Most cosmetic surgery websites like will have a section for reviews. You can use these sections to get an idea of how good the surgeons at each clinic are.

Choose a specialist

Don’t just opt for any cosmetic surgeon, look for someone who has specialized in the area of cosmetic surgery that you are having. For instance, if you want breast implants, it’s a good idea to look for a surgeon who specializes in breast procedures.

Ensure they are board certified

As well as picking a specialist, it’s also important to opt for a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. The easiest way to find out if a surgeon is certified is by visiting the American Board of Plastic Surgery’s website.

The reason it’s so important to check that a surgeon is board certified is because legally any surgeon can do any procedure. That means that a doctor who has specialized in heart surgery could perform a breast augmentation. However, the results would be of a low standard. A cosmetic surgeon undergoes three years of general training, as well as three years of cosmetic training.

Choose someone you feel comfortable with

Once you have found a couple of cosmetic surgeons that you like the sound of, the next step is to meet with them. It’s important to meet with each cosmetic surgeon so that you can get to know a bit about them and see whether they are suitable.

When it comes to your cosmetic surgeon, it’s crucial that you choose someone who you feel comfortable with. As this will make you feel much less nervous and more relaxed about your procedure.

Sometimes it can be tricky finding a cosmetic surgeon, but by following these tips, you can make it much easier for yourself.

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Your Guide To Ageing And What To Do About It

None of us is getting any younger. We are all ageing, and our bodies and faces seem determined to give our ages away! Of course, there are plenty of creams and treatments available to help hide our true age. The trouble is knowing which one is right for us right now.

After our teens, we may be enjoying flawless skin. The wobble of hormones has settled down, and the stress of exams is behind us. In our early twenties, we are often at the start of careers and enjoying a carefree life with few adult responsibilities. Of course, we may have the odd midweek night out, and a few wild weekends per month, but that’s what our twenties are for, right?

In our twenties, we can feel a little bit freer than at any time of our lives before or after. We can binge on junk food and alcohol, and not bother with much of an exercise programme or skin care routine. It doesn’t seem to make a difference. We seem to get away with it.


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What you might not realise in your twenties is that this lack of due care could catch up with you. In your thirties, the signs of ageing are all there. Add excess sun exposure, alcohol and smoking to the mix, and you may be looking even older. Night creams in addition to a good daily moisturiser can help at this age.

Once you hit your forties, gravity has become your enemy. Your face may have deeper wrinkles and bags under the eyes. Your body may be less perky than before, especially if you have had children. It is harder to keep trim and shapely as your hormones start to change on you again. It is usually around this age, or your fifties, that you think about surgery to counter the effects of time.

A facelift is quite effective at hiding the effects of time on your face. Jowls, double chins and wrinkles can all be ‘lifted’ out with this surgery. This helps create a more youthful look to your face. If you can spare the time for this kind of surgery, it can be a great way to appear youthful with very little effort on your part.

Your body will change shape, especially if you have children. As you age, gravity makes skin sag and changes where fat tends to store. Your stomach may bear the most change, and it can be very difficult to flatten this as you get older. Some people go for tummy tucks while others look to control top underwear to give a more youthful shape.

Ageing is inevitable, but looking after yourself in your earlier years can help keep some of the signs of ageing at bay for longer. Diet and exercise play a huge part in how youthful you can look. Genes too can determine how your body responds to ageing. Whether you choose to grow old gracefully or fight every sign of age that you can, your body needs to serve you for the rest of your life. Take care of it every day.

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